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Benjamin Crozat

About Benjamin Crozat

Benjamin Crozat

Indie hacker, blogger, and AI enthusiast building things with the TALL stack. 🔥

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Articles contributed
by Benjamin Crozat

How to Create a Stats Widget in Filament

Learn how to create and customize a stats widget in Filament for displaying real-time statistics.

How to access and use GPT-4o's API, step by step

Get started with GPT-4o's API in no time thanks to my handy step-by-step guide.

Laravel 11: an easy and step by step upgrade guide

Is upgrading to Laravel 11 worth it? Let me help you decide, show you how to proceed step by step, and give you additional tips.

Laravel 12: an early look and release date

Laravel 12 will be released early 2025. Let's put our investigator hat and see what we can find out about this new major version.

The best Laravel 11-ready books you should read in 2024

Let me present you up to date books written by expert community member who knows their subject and will drastically level you up.

Disable "packages are looking for funding" in NPM

Learn how you can disable the "packages are looking for funding" messages in your project or globally.

Middleware in Laravel 11 and how to customize them

The new minimalist application skeleton in Laravel 11 comes without middleware classes. Here's how to customize them.

How to publish API and broadcast route files in Laravel 11

The new minimalist application skeleton in Laravel 11 comes with less route files. Here's how to install them.

How to publish config files in Laravel 11

The new minimalist application skeleton in Laravel 11 comes with no configuration files. Here's how to publish them.

The best GDPR-compliant Google Analytics alternatives (2024)

Let me show you the best GDPR-compliant Google Analytics alternatives that respect user privacy and provide reliable analytics for your business.

Handle clicks from your users using jQuery

Dive into the simplicity of handling click events with jQuery and learn how to achieve the same results using vanilla JavaScript.

Get started with jQuery in 5 minutes

Dive into the basics of jQuery, learn how to include it in your project, and create your first component in just a few minutes.

How and when to use jQuery's $(document).ready() method

In JavaScript, running code at the wrong time can lead to errors or unpredictable behavior. Let me show you the fix using jQuery.

Understanding jQuery's .each() method

Learn how to use jQuery's `.each()` method to iterate over DOM elements and arrays, and discover a modern vanilla JavaScript alternative.

Validation in Laravel made easy

Learn how to validate incoming data in your Laravel applications, from the basics to more advanced concepts.

The best PHP packages to use in 2024

A recommendation of the best packages to use in any PHP project in 2024.

The best Laravel developers to hire in 2024

Finding good Laravel developers is hard. Let me help you with some recommendations.

The 6 best PHP cloud hosting providers for 2024

Make an informed decision for your PHP applications thanks to my list of the best cloud hosting providers.

Is PHP dead? Usage statistics and market share for 2024.

Whether PHP is dead is a matter of numbers, not opinions. I will provide you with essential statistics that will lead you to make better decisions.

Secure your REST API in 5 minutes with Laravel Sanctum

Quickly secure a REST API using Laravel Sanctum by letting your users generate tokens.

How to install Laravel on macOS

A step-by-step guide to install Laravel on macOS using Composer or the official Laravel installer.

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