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Benjamin Crozat

About Benjamin Crozat

Benjamin Crozat

Indie hacker, blogger, and AI enthusiast building things with the TALL stack. 🔥

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Articles contributed
by Benjamin Crozat

How to install Laravel on macOS

A step-by-step guide to install Laravel on macOS using Composer or the official Laravel installer.

Prevent a Livewire component from re-rendering

Improve the performances of your Laravel application by avoiding unnecessary re-renders of Livewire components.

How to force re-render a Livewire v3 component

Stop pulling your hair. Here's a solution to your reactivity issues in Livewire.

The 6 best Laravel cloud hosting providers for 2024

Make an informed decision for your Laravel applications thanks to my list of the best cloud hosting providers.

The best custom cards for Laravel Pulse in 2024

A list of the best custom cards to supercharge your Laravel Pulse dashboard in 2024.

Disable hover styles on mobile with Tailwind CSS

Learn how to disable hover styles on mobile devices with Tailwind CSS.

Understanding Laravel's fake() helper

Laravel's fake() helper is a powerful tool for generating fake data. Learn how to use it for seeding databases and prototyping.

Fix "1305 SAVEPOINT trans2 does not exist" in Laravel

Have you ever encountered the "1305 SAVEPOINT trans2 does not exist" error while running Laravel? I have a solution for you.

Easy data integrity with array validation in Laravel

Learn how to effortlessly manage array validation in Laravel to ensure data integrity in your web applications.

Master Laravel's maintenance mode

The maintenance mode is like putting a "Be right back!" sign on your website. Learn how to get it going.

The ultimate guide to Laravel's new Number helper

Working with numbers in your web applications just got a whole lot easier! Discover what's possible using Laravel's new Number helper.

Is HTML a programming language?

HTML is not a programming language. But you can only make sense of this fact if you understand the logic behind it.

PHP 8.3's Override attribute in a nutshell

Discover a neat new addition to PHP 8.3 that will help express your intent: the Override attribute.

Core web vitals aren't that important for Google

Discover why obsessing over core web vitals isn't helping your Google optimizations.

Efficient data filtering with whereIn() in Laravel

Explore using Laravel's whereIn() method to filter database queries efficiently.

Laravel Pulse: monitor your apps for free

Discover Laravel Pulse, a free, open-source package offering real-time app monitoring, usage statistics, queue monitoring, and more.

Get started with laravel/ui; kickstart your project.

Let me show you how to leverage the laravel/ui package to scaffold authentication features on top of your favorite frontend framework.

Bring order back to your PHP arrays using array_values()

Discover how array_values() in PHP can help you re-do what has been undone.

Understanding array_filter() in PHP

See how PHP allows you to filter unwanted values in arrays in a simple and concise way.

Learn how to sort any kind of array in PHP

Let me walk you through some of the most useful functions in PHP that will enable you to sort any kind of array.

The essentials of explode() in PHP

Learn the ins and outs of PHP's explode() function for splitting strings into arrays.

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