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Benjamin knows a lot about Laravel and I definitely recommend him.
Simon Hamp, founder of Laradir.
Simon Hamp

They trusted me

Your business needs

Focus on what matters

Every change you make must bring a return on investment. I will help you determine what it should be.

More relience on Laravel

Be responsible for less code and delegate to the open source community. That is what Laravel is about.

Fresh eyes

The more time you spend in a codebase, the harder it is to face the real problems. Having a complete stranger looking at it can change the game.
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Why you should hire me as your expert Laravel consultant

Benjamin Crozat, an expert PHP consultant.

Hey! I'm Benjamin Crozat and I've been a professional web developer for more than 12 years.

I started using PHP in 2006 back when version 4 was still widely used.

Since then, I've worked for countless clients who also chose this veteran scripting language. I've been very active in the community, specifically in the Laravel world, and I wrote countless articles on the topic.

You can learn more about my involvement here, but also on my X account (formerly Twitter), my GitHub, and my LinkedIn.

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What you can expect from an expert Laravel consultant

Problem diagnosis

Stuck on a bug? I’m the pair of fresh eyes you need.

Code review

Let’s go through your code together to ensure it’s the best it can be.

Architecture advice

We’ll discuss how to structure your app for success.

Code optimization

I’ll show you how to make your code run faster and smoother.

Tools and package recommendations

I can recommend tools and packages to achieve your goals faster.

Best practices discussion

We’ll talk about the latest best practices to keep your project on track.

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