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How to publish config files in Laravel 11

Benjamin Crozat
Modified on Mar 21, 2024 0 comments Edit on GitHub
How to publish config files in Laravel 11

To publish additional configuration files in Laravel 11, use:

php artisan config:publish

Laravel will then ask you to choose which configuration file you want to publish.

And by the way, you can also publish them all at once using:

php artisan config:publish --all

Why is this necessary now? Because starting from Laravel 11, new projects get to experience a slimmer skeleton. Parts of the efforts to make it happen was:

  • Cleaning up the configuration files (some values were actually removed).
  • Updating the .env.example file with more environment variables to make the framework more configurable in one place.
  • Reducing the amount of published files, which can be overwhelming for new developers. For instance, the cors.php, hashing.php, and view.php files are missing.

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