The best Laravel 11-ready books you should read in 2024

Benjamin Crozat
Modified on Mar 15, 2024


The books here are pure gold. Each one I recommend is related to Laravel, talks about a different topic, and has been written by people from the community with lots of experience. Buy them, put them in your iPad or Kindle, and enjoy becoming a 10x developer!

The books any Laravel developer should read

Battle Ready Laravel by Ash Allen

Battle Ready Laravel by Ash Allen

Ash Allen is an inspiring figure in the Laravel community. I first talked to him back in 2022 on X (formerly Twitter) and he always was kind and helpful. If there’s a person from whom you can take guidance, it’s Ash.

Battle Ready Laravel has been a compelling read so far. I’m not the kind of person who finishes books in one go, but I can tell you it’s packed with tons of actionable tips and expert advice to help you ensure your Laravel apps are not just built, but wait for it… battle-ready! If you’re looking to refine your coding techniques, streamline your development process, or enhance your application’s robustness, this book is a must.

I won’t disclose everything inside it, but the website provides a pretty good overview and even a free sample.

Check Battle Ready Laravel

Consuming APIs with Laravel by Ash Allen

The Consuming APIs with Laravel book by Ash Allen.

Ash Allen is proficient writer and you might be interested in checking out his incredible book titled “Consuming APIs with Laravel.”

As someone relying on third-party APIs all the time, it’s been an absolute game-changer already. The book covers everything from different API types and authentication methods to using the powerful Saloon library and handling webhooks like a 10x developer.

What I really love is how Ash dives deep into testing strategies and best practices, ensuring that your API integrations are not only feature-rich but also reliable and secure. So yeah, I highly recommend giving this book a read. It’s worth the investment!

Check out Consuming APIs with Laravel by Ash Allen

Mastering Laravel Validation Rules by Aaron Saray and Joel Clermont

Mastering Laravel Validation Rules by Aaron Saray and Joel Clermont

Let me tell you: Mastering Laravel Validation Rules is a game-changer. Beginner or knee-deep in Laravel development, this book has something for everyone. I’ve been using Laravel for more than 8 years, and I still learned a ton.

The real-world examples help understand concepts faster and better (in Laravel’s official documentation, this often is an issue). The authors, Aaron and Joel, walk you through scenarios like validating addresses, phone numbers, transferring digital assets, and so much more. It’s clear they’ve been there and are now handing you the solutions on a silver platter.

If you’re working with Laravel, do yourself a favor and get your hands on this book. Open it when you’re looking at a rule you don’t understand and when you’re not sure how to handle a certain type of value.

Check Mastering Laravel Validation Rules

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