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Benjamin Crozat

Articles about "PHP"

The best PHP packages to use in 2024

A recommendation of the best packages to use in any PHP project in 2024.

The 6 best PHP cloud hosting providers for 2024

Make an informed decision for your PHP applications thanks to my list of the best cloud hosting providers.

Is PHP dead? Usage statistics and market share for 2024.

Whether PHP is dead is a matter of numbers, not opinions. I will provide you with essential statistics that will lead you to make better decisions.

PHP 8.3's Override attribute in a nutshell

Discover a neat new addition to PHP 8.3 that will help express your intent: the Override attribute.

Bring order back to your PHP arrays using array_values()

Discover how array_values() in PHP can help you re-do what has been undone.

Understanding array_filter() in PHP

See how PHP allows you to filter unwanted values in arrays in a simple and concise way.

Learn how to sort any kind of array in PHP

Let me walk you through some of the most useful functions in PHP that will enable you to sort any kind of array.

The essentials of explode() in PHP

Learn the ins and outs of PHP's explode() function for splitting strings into arrays.

Making sense of PHP's array_map() function

PHP's array_map() is an extremely useful function that will help you write better code. Let me demystify it for you.

An early look at PHP 9.0's new features and changes

PHP 9.0 is still far in the future. We don't know a lot, but we have a few breaking changes planned for it.

This is where your php.ini file is

Discover the location of your php.ini file using two simple methods: the phpinfo() function or the command line.

Easily show all errors in PHP

Discover how to reveal all PHP errors in your script or globally via php.ini for effective debugging, but remember to adjust before going live.


Avoid bad surprises and leverage Docker and Composer to lock your PHP extensions to a stable version.


Bypass PHP's final keyword restriction with Unfinalize, a tool that safely removes final from classes and methods in third-party packages.

Easily convert a PHP array to JSON

Convert PHP arrays to JSON with `json_encode()`. Ideal for data exchange, storing data, and API communication.

Use Bun as your package manager in any PHP project

Enjoy a faster workflow to build your front-end dependencies in your PHP projects, thanks to the package management abilities of Bun.

PHP's double question mark, or the null coalescing operator

Discover how to simplify your PHP code with the null coalescing and null coalescing assignment operators.

The easiest way to get the current URL path in PHP

Discover how to fetch the current URL path in PHP thanks to an useful superglobal variable.

Effortlessly redirect to another page using PHP

Discover how to use PHP code to effortlessly redirect your website's visitors to a different page. Explore the magic of HTTP.

6 ways to check which version of PHP you are running

Discover how to check your version of PHP using phpinfo(), your terminal, Laravel's welcome page, or a Laravel Artisan command.

PHP 8.4: new features and release date

PHP 8.4 is expected to drop on November 21, 2024. Let's review the known new features and changes.

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