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The best Laravel developers to hire in 2024

The best Laravel developers to hire in 2024

Introduction to hiring a Laravel developer

We say that developers are difficult to find, but that’s not the entire story. Let’s just say good developers are hard to find. And they have to be skilled with Laravel too, which makes it even more complicated.

As a Laravel developer myself, I know many of them and I’m in a good position to give you some advice on how to find the best Laravel developers to hire in 2024 and recommend some profiles.

The Laravel developer profiles I recommend

These Laravel developers are people I know through X (formerly Twitter), have good client testimonials, or already worked or interacted with. (This section is a work in progress.)

The best platforms to find Laravel developers

I don’t know many platforms that curate Laravel developer profiles. But I will make sure to add more of them as I find them.

What to look for when hiring a Laravel developer?

Check for real-world Laravel experience

If you don’t have time to coach young developers, make sure they have real-world experience.

People freshly out of school won’t be able to be proficient on most projects (of course, some passionate developers are the exception to this rule).

Here’s what makes a good candidate:

  • Make sure they have at least one successful experience. It doesn’t matter if this experience has been acquired working on open-source projects or in a company.
  • Developers with tech culture and knowledge about the latest trends tend to be curious and, therefore, more willing to give everything they have to solve your problems.
  • Even an inactive GitHub account is a good sign. A basic comprehension of open source reinforces the previous point.

Don’t hire senior Laravel developers to work on basic tasks

A senior developer is expensive and for good reasons. Years of experience made them a master at what they do. You want them to work on something other than simple interface changes or bug fixes, or they’ll get bored and leave as soon as possible.

Senior developers want to work on complex issues that will make your project easier to maintain, more stable, and more profitable in the long run.

Get good communicators

Communication is critical in any relationship. In a working environment, you need a clear view of the progression to plan what’s next.

And you also need to know when things are stuck. Sometimes, problems are tough to solve, and deciding to get someone else involved as soon as possible to help you move forward is crucial.

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