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Articles about "Packages"

The best PHP packages to use in 2024

A recommendation of the best packages to use in any PHP project in 2024.

Secure your REST API in 5 minutes with Laravel Sanctum

Quickly secure a REST API using Laravel Sanctum by letting your users generate tokens.

The best custom cards for Laravel Pulse in 2024

A list of the best custom cards to supercharge your Laravel Pulse dashboard in 2024.

Laravel Pulse: monitor your apps for free

Discover Laravel Pulse, a free, open-source package offering real-time app monitoring, usage statistics, queue monitoring, and more.

Get started with laravel/ui; kickstart your project.

Let me show you how to leverage the laravel/ui package to scaffold authentication features on top of your favorite frontend framework.

Bypass PHP's final keyword restriction with Unfinalize, a tool that safely removes final from classes and methods in third-party packages.

Make your Eloquent models IDE-friendly using Laravel Lift

Check out Laravel Lift, a package that enhances Eloquent Models and makes them more IDE-friendly - all thanks to Wendell Adriel.

Laravel Volt: simplify how you write Livewire components

Laravel Volt is a great new addition to Laravel's extensive ecosystem that brings single-file components à la Vue.js to Livewire. Let me help you get started.

Laravel Prompts: build delightful Artisan commands

Delight your users. Learn how to create beautiful Artisan Commands using Laravel Prompts.

Laravel Dropbox Driver package: how to install and use it

Store and manage files on Dropbox and use it to back up your Laravel app automatically.

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