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Is HTML a programming language?

Benjamin Crozat
Published on Dec 5, 2023 0 comments Edit on GitHub
Is HTML a programming language?

The definitive answer to HTML being a programming language or not

No, HTML is not a programming language. As its name indicates (Hypertext Markup Language), it’s a markup language used for creating and structuring content on the web.

Unlike programming languages, HTML does not have logic or control flow capabilities; it can’t perform operations or manipulate data. It’s used solely for defining the structure and layout of web content, such as text, images, and links.

Programming languages, in contrast, are used to write instructions that a computer can execute, involving logic, conditions, variables, and other computational concepts.

That being said, when I was 15, HTML is the language I started using first to create Pokémon websites, and it allowed me to get familiar with the kind thinking any decent programmer should be capable of.

So why are people referring to HTML as a programming language?

Some people refer to HTML as a programming language due to a misunderstanding or a broad interpretation of what constitutes programming.

In the wider context, “programming” can be seen as any act of instructing a computer, and in this very broad sense, creating a webpage with HTML might be viewed as a form of programming.

However, in the more technical and precise use of the term, programming involves writing code that is executable by a computer to perform logical operations, process data, and make decisions.

HTML does not fit this description because it does not contain logic or procedural capabilities—it’s used for defining the structure and presentation of content, not for executing tasks or solving problems.

But please, don’t feel devalued because you don’t yet know any programming language. HTML is a fundamental skill for any web developer.

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