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Some of my past clients and employers

  • Doctissimo
  • Easypara
  • Fidesio
  • Iconosquare
  • Jetfly
  • Laracasts
  • Mym
  • NextLevel
  • PXLP
  • Qwant

What your PHP codebase needs

Refocus on your priorities

Every action you make should be about shipping more to keep your customers engaged and happy.

Rely more on the PHP ecosystem

What if you could be responsible for less code and delegate more work to the open source community? That is what PHP is about.

Tests that makes it rock solid

Developers are not robots. When they test their code, they can't realistically know if they broke something somewhere else. Let machines test everything, every time. Tools like PHPUnit make this really easy, and I will show you how.

A fresh perspective

The more time you spend in a codebase, the harder it is to face the real problems. Having a complete stranger looking at it can change the game.

Book a 1-hour call | $150 $120
100% money back if you can't make it to the call.
Launch price is 20% off for the first 3 calls!

My services as an expert PHP consultant

Problem diagnosis

Stuck on a bug? I’m the pair of fresh eyes you need.

Code review

Let’s go through your code together to ensure it’s the best it can be.

Architecture advice

We’ll discuss how to structure your app for success.

Code optimization

I’ll show you how to make your code run faster and smoother.

Tools and package recommendations

I can recommend tools and packages to achieve your goals faster.

Best practices discussion

We’ll talk about the latest best practices to keep your project on track.

Book a 1-hour call | $150 $120
100% money back if you can't make it to the call.
Launch price is 20% off for the first 3 calls!

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Why you should hire me as your expert PHP consultant

Benjamin Crozat, an expert PHP consultant.

Hey! I'm Benjamin Crozat and I've been a professional web developer for more than 12 years.

I started using PHP in 2006 back when version 4 was still widely used.

Since then, I've worked for countless clients who also chose this veteran scripting language. I've been very active in the community, specifically in the Laravel world, and I wrote countless articles on the topic.

You can learn more about my involvement here, but also on my X account (formerly Twitter), my GitHub, and my LinkedIn.

Book a 1-hour call | $150 $120
100% money back if you can't make it to the call.
Launch price is 20% off for the first 3 calls!

My most popular posts about PHP

An early look at PHP 9.0's new features and changes

PHP 9.0 is still far in the future. We don't know a lot, but we have a few breaking changes planned for it.

Easily convert a PHP array to JSON

Convert PHP arrays to JSON with `json_encode()`. Ideal for data exchange, storing data, and API communication.

PHP 8.4: new features and release date

PHP 8.4 is expected to drop on November 21, 2024. Let's review the known new features and changes.

The fastest way to check if your PHP array is empty

There are multiple ways to check if an array is empty. Let me tell you about each of them and why and when you should use them.

Enums in PHP: a guide to safer coding

Let's step up your code with a safer way of coding using PHP's Enumerations, or Enums. With this guide, you'll know everything there is to know about them.

console.log() in PHP

Explore the world of PHP debugging with var_dump(), and Laravel's friendlier alternatives, dump() and dd(). Much charm, such useful!

Use PHP to leverage OpenAI's API and GPT effortlessly

Improve your projects by leveraging the power of GPT, the famous language model, using PHP and OpenAI's REST API.

6 ways to check which version of PHP you are running

Discover how to check your version of PHP using phpinfo(), your terminal, Laravel's welcome page, or a Laravel Artisan command.

Is PHP dead? Usage statistics and market share for 2024.

Whether PHP is dead is a matter of numbers, not opinions. I will provide you with essential statistics that will lead you to make better decisions.

Here's the fix to "using $this when not in object context."

Learn why the "Using $this when not in object context" error happens, and let me show you the only way to fix.

This is where your php.ini file is

Discover the location of your php.ini file using two simple methods: the phpinfo() function or the command line.

Easily show all errors in PHP

Discover how to reveal all PHP errors in your script or globally via php.ini for effective debugging, but remember to adjust before going live.

Print an array with PHP (+ Laravel)

Debugging requires dissecting everything. Here's a list of all the one-line of code built-in ways to print arrays in PHP (and even Laravel-specific helpers).

Understanding array_filter() in PHP

See how PHP allows you to filter unwanted values in arrays in a simple and concise way.

PHP's double question mark, or the null coalescing operator

Discover how to simplify your PHP code with the null coalescing and null coalescing assignment operators.

Effortlessly redirect to another page using PHP

Discover how to use PHP code to effortlessly redirect your website's visitors to a different page. Explore the magic of HTTP.

PHP 8.3 is out, now! Here's what's new and changed.

PHP 8.3 was released on November 23, 2023, and as usual, you need to be up to date with new features and breaking changes for easier transitions.

PHP for Mac: get started fast using Laravel Valet

Use your Mac as an ideal PHP environment thanks to the power of Laravel Valet. You can finally say goodbye to Docker!

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