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Best PHP blogs to read in 2023

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Table of contents

Best PHP blogs to read in 2023

I wouldn’t be where I am today without other developers sharing their knowledge through blogging.

Therefore, I present you a bunch of awesome PHP blogs from community members publishing interesting and valuable content. Get your RSS feeds aggregator and follow me!

(I will update this article each time I find a new PHP blog worth reading.)

Christoph Rumpel’s blog

Christoph Rumpel's blog

Christoph Rumpel is an active member of the Laravel community. If you’re a Laravel user, you might want to check out all the useful tips he shares on his blog. Recently he was one of the Laracon Online’s pre-party.

Freek Van der Herten is a well known PHP developer in the Laravel community. He is one of Spatie’s co-founders, which authored a massive amount of Laravel packages to help developers get shit done quicker.

Laravel Daily

Laravel Daily

Laravel Daily, written by Povilas Korop, is more than a blog.

Its content would take more than a life time to consume and there’s even more than that like free and premium videos, a newsletter, a jobs board, etc.

A must read for any Laravel developer. 🔥

Matthias Noback’s blog

Matthias Noback's blog

I recently discovered Matthias Noback’s blog. I don’t know much about him, but his articles are interesting.

Definitely a good add in my PHP blogs folder in my feeds aggregator. 👍

The Laravel Blog

The Laravel Blog

The Laravel team posts about every important announcement about Laravel and its ecosystem on their official blog. If you want to be the most informed person about Laravel, add this to your RSS feeds aggregator.

The PHPStorm Blog

The PHPStorm Blog

The PHPStorm Blog won’t only keep you up to date with anything related to the IDE, but also PHP. There’s a lot to discover here, it’s a must read.

Brent Roose is also a well known PHP developer in the Laravel community. But he writes more about PHP itself than Laravel. He was working at Spatie for a few years before taking a new position at JetBrains, which is responsible for PHPStorm’s development.


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