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Best PHP & Laravel blogs: here are 5 of them for 2022

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Best PHP & Laravel blogs: here are 5 of them for 2022
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I wouldn’t be where I am today without other developers sharing their knowledge through blogging.

Therefore, I present you a bunch of awesome PHP blogs from community members publishing interesting and valuable content. Get your RSS feeds aggregator and follow me!

(I will update this article each time I find a new PHP blog worth reading.)

Christoph Rumpel’s blog

Christoph Rumpel's blog

Christoph Rumpel is an active member of the Laravel community. If you’re a Laravel user, you might want to check out all the useful tips he shares on his blog. Recently he was one of the Laracon Online’s pre-party.

Freek Van der Herten is a well known PHP developer in the Laravel community. He is one of Spatie’s co-founders, which authored a massive amount of Laravel packages to help developers get shit done quicker.

Matthias Noback’s blog

Matthias Noback's blog

I recently discovered Matthias Noback’s blog. I don’t know much about him, but his articles are interesting.

Definitely a good add in my PHP blogs folder in my feeds aggregator. 👍

The PHPStorm Blog

The PHPStorm Blog

The PHPStorm Blog won’t only keep you up to date with anything related to the IDE, but also PHP. There’s a lot to discover here, it’s a must read.

Brent Roose is also a well known PHP developer in the Laravel community. But he writes more about PHP itself than Laravel. He was working at Spatie for a few years before taking a new position at JetBrains, which is responsible for PHPStorm’s development.

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