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PHP's str_replace() made simple

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PHP's str_replace() made simple


PHP provides a plethora of built-in functions, with str_replace() being one of the my favorite.

This function is fundamental to handling and manipulating strings, playing an essential role in many PHP applications.

The basics of the str_replace() function in PHP

The str_replace() function in PHP replaces strings with other strings. It’s that simple, yet powerful.

Its signature looks like this:

string|array $search,
string|array $replace,
string|array $subject,
int &$count = null
) : string|array
  • search: It specifies the value to find. It can either be a string or an array.
  • replace: It defines the value to replace the found value with. It can either be a string or an array.
  • subject: It’s the string or array to be searched and replaced on. It can either be a string or an array.
  • count: It’s an optional integer and determines the number of replacements performed.

To me, examples speak more than theory. Let’s explore how to use str_replace().

Practical use cases of str_replace() in PHP

Classic search and replace

Let’s say we have a greeting “Hello, unknown person!” and we want to change “unknown person” to “Benjamin”.

Using str_replace(), we can achieve this like so:

$sentence = 'Hello, unknown person!';
echo str_replace('unknown person', 'Benjamin', $sentence);
// Outputs: Hello, Benjamin!

Search and replace multiple values

str_replace() can also be used with arrays, sequencially searching and replacing the values.

This can avoid you to call str_replace() multiple times.

For example:

$sentence = '1st, 2nd, and 3rd.';
echo str_replace(
['1st', '2nd', '3rd'],
['first', 'second', 'third'],
// Outputs: first, second, and third.

Search and replace in an array of strings

str_replace() accepts a value of type array as the subject.

Which means you can still avoid calling str_replace multiple times if you are able to build an array of subjects. I didn’t know that before writing this article!

Let me show you:

$sentences = [
'You cannot mention Mastodon on Twitter!',
"Let's build a new society on Mastodon!",
'Is Mastodon a Twitter-killer?',
// Outputs: [
// 'You cannot mention @&$!?% on Twitter!',
// "Let's build a new society on @&$!?%!",
// 'Is @&$!?% a Twitter-killer?',
// ]

PHP’s str_ireplace() isn’t case sensitive

The str_replace() function is case-sensitive.

If you need case-insensitive replacement, PHP offers the str_ireplace() function.

echo str_ireplace('foo', 'bar', 'FOo foo fOO');
// Outputs: bar bar baz

The limitations of the str_replace() function in PHP

While versatile, str_replace() has its limitations:

  • No direct support for regular expressions: As mentioned, str_replace() does not support regex. For this, you’ll need to use preg_replace().
  • It’s unable to replace multi-byte unicode characters: The str_replace() function is not safe for multi-byte characters like those found in UTF-8 strings.
  • There are problems with case sensitivity: As noted before, str_replace() is case-sensitive. If you need to ignore case, use str_ireplace().
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