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Create a SPA in seconds using wire:navigate in Livewire v3

Discover how to boost the speed of your Laravel apps, mimicking an SPA, without building an API, using Livewire v3 and the new wire:navigate attribute.

Understanding database transactions with Laravel

Discover how Laravel simplifies database transactions, ensuring all-or-nothing operations and maintaining consistent database state.

12 Laravel security best practices for 2024

Secure your Laravel app: protect sensitive files, keep your packages and Laravel updated, use policies, validate input, and more.

Laravel Volt: simplify how you write Livewire components

Laravel Volt is a great new addition to Laravel's extensive ecosystem that brings single-file components à la Vue.js to Livewire. Let me help you get started.

Laravel Prompts: build delightful Artisan commands

Delight your users. Learn how to create beautiful Artisan Commands using Laravel Prompts.

Laravel Herd: the simplest way to install PHP on your Mac

Laravel Herd is a native macOS app that makes it even easier than Laravel Valet to get started with the framework.

PHP for Mac: get started fast using Laravel Valet

Use your Mac as an ideal PHP environment thanks to the power of Laravel Valet. You can finally say goodbye to Docker!

Here's how to fix the "419 Page Expired" error in Laravel

Here's how to fix the "419 Page Expired" error in Laravel and learn exactly why it happens.

Fix "No application encryption key has been specified." in Laravel

Laravel's application encryption key is mandatory for it to properly work. Let me show you why this error occurs and how to fix it.

Use Laravel to build a ChatGPT plugin

Offer new ways to interact with your app to your users. Learn how to build a ChatGPT plugin with Laravel.

Laravel retrospective: what changed since version 5.8?

Dive into the history of Laravel. If you went away for some time, this is the right place to resume your journey.

The best podcasts & interviews about Laravel

Learn about Laravel, the people who use it, and the entrepreneurship spirit that made the framework one of the most profitable open-source projects ever.

Laravel 9: the mindful upgrade guide

I show you how to upgrade your Laravel 8 project to version 9 and help you decide whether the return on investment is worth it.

Laravel 10: the upgrade guide from version 9

I show you how to upgrade your Laravel 9 project to version 10 and help you decide whether the return on investment is worth it.

Laravel 11 is out! Here are every new big changes and features.

Laravel 11 was released on March 12th, 2024 and is packed with tons of new bits. Let's dive into every relevant new change and feature you need to know about.

Laravel Dropbox Driver package: how to install and use it

Store and manage files on Dropbox and use it to back up your Laravel app automatically.

Laravel interview questions and answers for 2024

Nailing a Laravel job interview can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and mindset, you can set yourself up for success.

Soft delete models in Laravel: the definitive guide

A soft delete in Laravel allows you to prevent mistakes by not removing sensitive data from your database right away.

Laravel Forge: price, review, how-to and alternatives (2024)

Choose a cloud hosting provider for Laravel Forge and deploy your next Laravel project quickly and without any DevOps cost.

15 Laravel Collections tips to refactor your codebase

Laravel Collections make arrays more powerful and convenient to work with. This article provides tons of quick tips to instantly make your codebase better.

20+ Laravel best practices, tips and tricks to use in 2024

Learning a framework can be overwhelming, but time and execution will make you a master. Here are some best practices to help you toward your goal.

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