Laravel 11: release date and new features

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Laravel 11: release date and new features

When will Laravel 11 be released?

According to the Support Policy, Laravel 11 is scheduled to be released in February 6th, 2024.

The release of Laravel 11 doesn’t mean you have to update all your projects immediately, though.

The framework last had LTS (Long-Term Support) in version 6, but each major version has two years of updates, which should give you enough time to get your codebase in check and upgrade it.

Laravel 10 will receive bug fixes until August 6th, 2024 and security fixes until February 4th, 2025.

Version PHP Release Bug fixes until Security fixes until
 10 8.1 February 7th, 2023 August 6th, 2024 February 4th, 2025
 11 8.2 February 6th, 2024 August 5th, 2025 February 3rd, 2026

How to install Laravel 11?

Installing Laravel 11 will be easy. But for now, the following instructions will just install Laravel 10.

The Laravel installer has a --dev flag, which installs the master branch from the laravel/laravel repository.

laravel new hello-world --dev

Or, if you prefer to explicitly use Composer:

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel laravel-dev dev-master

New features and changes in Laravel 11

Dropped support for PHP 8.1

Remember: your Laravel apps don’t need to be updated to the latest and greatest as soon as they’re released.

Especially if you have projects with paid clients or employees who depend on them to do their work.

They need to slowly but surely move forward by doing extensive testing. Don’t rush.

See the pull request on GitHub: [11.x] Drop PHP 8.1 support

PHP 8.2

Laravel 11 release preparation

Here is a list of every merged PR I found to prepare Laravel 11 release:

How to contribute to Laravel 11?

Did you know you can create the next big feature for Laravel 11?

  1. See what’s going on for Laravel 11 on GitHub: The Pull Requests will tell you what’s already been done.
  2. Take one of your pain points with the framework and create a solution yourself.
  3. Send the PR over to the laravel/framework repository, collect feedback, improve and get merged.

One important tip to increase your chances of being merged: add something to the framework that’s a win for developers, but not a pain to maintain for Taylor and his team in the long run.

Pull requests on the laravel/framework repository.

This is what’s new in Laravel 11 for now.

There’s more to come until February 2024, though.

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