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Laravel Pulse: monitor your apps for free

Discover Laravel Pulse, a free, open-source package offering real-time app monitoring, usage statistics, queue monitoring, and more.

Get started with laravel/ui; kickstart your project.

Let me show you how to leverage the laravel/ui package to scaffold authentication features on top of your favorite frontend framework.

How does Laravel work? A crystal clear explanation.

Discover my step by step and simple explanation of how Laravel makes your life easier.

9 testing best practices for Laravel in 2024

Are you familiar with testing? Good. Here are a bunch of best practices to help you level up even more!

The average salary of a Laravel developer in 2023

Discover how much Laravel developers earn worldwide in 2023, based on data from Glassdoor, Indeed, and PayScale.

Add Vue.js to any Laravel project

Let me walk you through adding Vue.js to your Laravel project and be done with it in 5 minutes.

Add Alpine.js to any Laravel project

Alpine.js is a great companion for a Laravel app. Let's see how you can add it in any project.

Add Tailwind CSS to any Laravel project

See how easy it is to add Tailwind CSS to any Laravel project and start building an amazing user interface.

Discover how to cache your database queries results in an asynchronous way with Laravel.

A complete history of Laravel's versions (2011-2024)

What's the current version of Laravel? Is there any LTS release you can rely on? And what about the history of the framework? Let's find out!

Unlock the power of Laravel's query builder where clauses

Unleash Laravel's query builder with my deep dive into the power of "where" clauses—triggering conditions, exclusions, JSON queries, and more.

Use Bun as your package manager in any Laravel project

Enjoy a faster workflow to build your front-end dependencies in your Laravel projects, thanks to the package management abilities of Bun.

Sort your Laravel Eloquent queries results using orderBy()

Master Laravel's Eloquent `orderBy()`. Explore multiple columns sorting, the advanced `orderByRaw()`, and `reorder()`.

7 Laravel RESTful APIs best practices for 2024

Master the art of crafting RESTful APIs with Laravel thanks to these best practices.

6 ways to check which version of PHP you are running

Discover how to check your version of PHP using phpinfo(), your terminal, Laravel's welcome page, or a Laravel Artisan command.

6 pull requests merged in Laravel during week 34 of 2023

Exciting pull requests merged in Laravel, including improved testing, transaction fixes, and memory-efficient failed job providers!

3 crucial Laravel architecture best practices for 2024

Explore Laravel's default architecture to simplify collaboration, compatibility, and onboarding.

Mastering error handling in Laravel's HTTP client

Learn how to use Laravel's HTTP client for efficient error handling and exception throwing in different scenarios with ease.

How to create a custom filesystem adapter in Laravel

Learn how to craft your own filesystem adapter in Laravel.

Make your Eloquent models IDE-friendly using Laravel Lift

Check out Laravel Lift, a package that enhances Eloquent Models and makes them more IDE-friendly - all thanks to Wendell Adriel.

How to generate Laravel Factories using ChatGPT

Discover how to harness AI for rapid Laravel Factory generation, saving days of manual coding in massive codebases. Done smart, done right!

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