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Benjamin Crozat

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The web ecosystem is rich and changes fast. I help you keep up, no matter how experienced you are. Ready to level up?

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Generate a transcript for any YouTube video, summarize it, and save hours of your valuable time.

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Format and beautify your PHP code without a terminal. Use any of the most popular coding standards.

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Instantly convert your PHPUnit tests to Pest without using a terminal and kickstart your migration.

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Learn about how to use Inspector, an application performance monitoring (APM) service, to identify performance issues in your Laravel applications. Ash Allen 7h ago
Oussama Mater
Building console applications can be a lot of fun, but also quite challenging. Laravel Zero, however, falls short at the first part.. Oussama Mater 19h ago
Johan van den Broek
In this tutorial, we'll install the 'Laravel Phone' package to validate phone numbers submitted via our form and insert them into our database. Johan van den Broek 19h ago
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The Livewire Dropzone component makes uploading files much easier. Dasun Tharanga 2d ago
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Show popular content from the last 24 hours, week, month or other date/time periods in Laravel. Aleksander Tabor 5d ago
Johan van den Broek
In this tutorial we'll paginate a hardcoded array using Laravel's LengthAwarePaginator class and render it in the view using normal built-in pagination methods. Johan van den Broek 1w ago
Everything you need to know to build full-text search with Laravel 10. Strift 1w ago
Andrew Cairns
Animated blog post explaining Composition, Inheritance and Composition over Inheritance with some help from our 8-bit friends!! Andrew Cairns 2w ago
How to quickly set up a translation system in a Laravel project with Inertia and Vue. MHO 1w ago
Oussama Mater
If you feel like you are doing the same things over and over again, it's time to automate, and this article is all about how to do it! Oussama Mater 1w ago
Seguy Damien
All the recursive Functions in PHP: all the way to make functions, methods, closure and arrow functions recursive. And some more complex too. Seguy Damien 2w ago
Johan van den Broek
Read how to insert form array values into a database effectively using Laravel. We'll create migrations, models, controller, and views to achieve this. Johan van den Broek 2w ago
Njogu Amos
Configure a Laravel application for authentication using frontend frameworks such as Qwik, VueJs, React, Angular, and SolidJs. Njogu Amos 2w ago

About Benjamin Crozat

Benjamin Crozat

Hi! I’m Benjamin Crozat. I’m from the South of France and I’ve been a self-taught professional web developer for 12 years. I started learning PHP and JavaScript back in 2006 when PHP 4 was still widely used, Internet Explorer 6 ruled the world, and we used DHTML to add falling snow on websites.

Being able to educate myself for free on the web changed my life for the better. Giving back to the community was a natural direction in my career and I truly enjoy it.

Therefore, I decided to take action:

  1. I launched this blog in September 2022 with the goal to be in everyone’s Google search. I get more than 50,000 monthly clicks from it and more than 80,000 visits overall (my analytics dashboard is public by the way).
  2. I also started growing my X (formerly Twitter) account at the same time, which has now over 5,200 followers.
  3. I’m almost working full-time on this blog; constantly writing new content and making it as valuable as possible.
  4. All the content I write is free thanks my sponsors (if you want to support my work, become one and promote your business).

Believe me, I’m just getting started!

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