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Benjamin Crozat

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About Benjamin Crozat

Benjamin Crozat

Hi! I’m Benjamin Crozat. I’m from the South of France and I’ve been a self-taught web developer for 18 years, 12 as a professional. I started learning PHP and JavaScript back in 2006 when PHP 4 was still widely used, Internet Explorer 6 ruled the world, and we used DHTML to add falling snow on websites.

Being able to educate myself for free on the web changed my life for the better. Giving back to the community was a natural direction in my career and I truly enjoy it.

Therefore, I decided to take action:

  1. I launched this blog in September 2022 with the goal to be in everyone’s Google search. I get more than tens of thousands of monthly clicks from it and even more visits overall (my analytics dashboard is public by the way).
  2. I also started growing my X (formerly Twitter) account at the same time, which has now over 6,000 followers.
  3. All the content I write is free thanks my sponsors (if you want to support my work, become one and promote your business).

Believe me, I’m just getting started!

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