The best web development tools I use in 2024

Benjamin Crozat
Modified on Jan 21, 2024


Hello, I’m Benjamin Crozat!

As a seasoned web developer with over ten years of experience, I’ve gathered an extensive list of web development tools I think are the best available and that have been indispensable in my journey.

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Available discounts

Many of the tools I listed below offer discounts. Here’s a list for developers in a hurry. 😅

  • DigitalOcean (cloud hosting provider): Get $200 worth of credit for free.
  • Fathom Analytics (GDPR-compliant analytics tool): Sign up and get $10 off your first invoice.
  • Setapp (the Netflix of apps): Sign up, subscribe, and we both get a free month.
  • Wincher (a SEO monitoring tool): Use the promo code WELCOME30 for 30% off your first invoice.

Other tools usually give you a generous free trial, so feel free to continue reading!

The best web development tools I use



Cloud hosting is a crucial web development tool for showcasing your projects to the world, and DigitalOcean is my top choice.

It’s been my provider of choice for more than ten years. I never had any issues, and it works perfectly with Ploi and Laravel Forge. I also love their top-notch UI and UX.

Their $6/month droplet is what most web developers need, so you can start for really cheap (that’s what I used for a while for this blog).

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Fathom Analytics: a privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics

Fathom Analytics

Robust analytics tools are a cornerstone in the web development tools ecosystem, essential for evolving any web project.

Fathom Analytics is a privacy-first and GDPR-compliant analytics tool that can replace Google Analytics in your web applications. They’re using a robust serverless infrastructure that makes it super reliable, even when you’re under a DDoS attack. 👌 This is the one I recommend to each of my clients.

That said, I don’t use it anymore after over a year. I’m using Pirsch Analytics. It’s a great tool offering more features (and I save a few dollars per month), more frequent updates and a stellar UI and UX. The only thing I can complain about is the recurring slowdowns I encounter on the dashboard. Fathom Analytics feels much more reliable and enterprise-ready. So yeah, consider one of those two options depending on your context.

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Ploi: simplifying server management for web developers


For web developers who prefer to streamline their workflow, server management tools are a must-have in your web development toolkit. Instead of maintaining Linux machines, you can focus on building your projects.

Ploi is, in my opinion, a great one and a better alternative to Laravel Forge. This is a tool I’m currently using.

Ploi gives you more features at a lower price, and their UI look and feels good.

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Oh Dear

Oh Dear

Oh Dear is an all-in-one monitoring tool. Why is it useful? Because I need rock-solid stability to serve my visitors and not lose rankings on Google. Oh Dear checks for:

  • Down times
  • Broken links
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Performances
  • And more!

So yeah, this is a must-have for me!

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Until fairly recently, I used OVH as a registrar for my domain names. But I changed that for Namecheap. It’s not the sexiest among this list of web development tools, but the domains are cheaper (not that much, but still!), and it does the job. It’s a necessary step when doing web development anyway.

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TablePlus: a multifaceted database tool for web developers


I’m not a big fan of phpMyAdmin. It does the job, but it’s from another era, and I’m done using ugly tools.

In the land of web development tools, TablePlus stands out for handling databases. Yes, it costs money, but it’s beautiful and can handle multiple kinds of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, etc.). I recommend it to any professional web developer.

TablePlus is available through Setapp, a $9.99 monthly subscription service that lets you install as many Mac apps as you want without paying the full price. (TablePlus also runs on Linux, Windows, iOS and iPadOS.)

Tower: a user-friendly Git interface for web developers


Tower is a beautiful native Mac and Windows user interface for Git. I use it daily because I’m not masochist enough to force myself to use the CLI tool.

Tower is an excellent investment for your web development tool belt, especially for those prioritizing a seamless Git interface. I am trying to remember when I started using it (probably ten years ago).

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Tinkerwell: an innovative way to enhance the life of web developers


Tinkerwell is a playground for Laravel. You can either experiment on a default framework installation or do it on one of your local projects.

I hate to admit it, but Tinkerwell saved my life multiple times, allowing me to run code on remote apps through SSH.

Tinkerwell is a necessity in your web development tools arsenal. By the way, Tinkerwell runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

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Ray: streamlining Laravel debugging for web developers


Ray is a highly visual way to debug Laravel apps. Use ray() instead of dd() and the data will be nicely displayed in the app. What else can I add? Ray adds excellent value to the suite of web development tools for those who need an intuitive debugging solution.

Ray is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Check out Ray

Setapp: a cost-effective solution for web development apps


One common challenge with accumulating various web development tools is managing the cost, where Setapp comes in handy. If you are a professional web developer, that’s fine because you should make enough money to pay for them. That being said, reducing costs is always good if you don’t compromise quality.

Some of the apps I talked about are available through Setapp. This is a subscription service like Netflix, but for Mac, iOS, and iPadOS apps. You can see in the image above the ones I installed.

I pay 9.99€ per month, and it’s totally worth it considering the value I get from the apps I use.

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SavvyCal is a calendar you can embed on your website and have people book you depending on your availability. This is a great way to automate consulting for instance, since people can even pay before booking you.

I LOVE this service. It’s so beautifully designed and easy to use.

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Wincher: a SEO monitoring tool


Wincher is by far the best rank tracker I’ve used. Period.

It’s expensive, though. Their small tier is way too restrictive for an effective SEO campaign. For those in the web development field, especially working with established businesses, tools like Wincher are indispensable for effective SEO management. In this context, it’s extremely powerful.

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