Instantly convert PHPUnit tests to Pest

Instantly convert PHPUnit tests to Pest

What is Pest?

Pest is a revolutionary testing framework with a focus on simplicity. It's been meticulously designed to bring back the joy of testing in PHP and go even further than what you can do with PHPUnit.

Should I use PHPUnit or Pest?

In my opinion, you should use Pest over PHPUnit for the following reasons:

  • Pest is officially supported by Laravel.
  • Your tests become more concise and readable.
  • The barrier to entry is lower, thanks to reduced boilerplate and a less intimidating syntax.
  • In addition to traditionnal testing, Pest can also help you enforce coding standards thanks to its architecture testing helpers. This will faciliate the collaboration with your team.

That being said, whether you are using Pest or PHPUnit doesn't really matter. The end goal is to make your code less prone to regressions by writing an extensive test suite.

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