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Is PHP dead? Usage statistics for 2022.

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Is PHP dead? Usage statistics for 2022.
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In 2022, PHP is the most used server-side scripting language with more than 77% market share overall, according to W3Techs.

Language Usage in October 2022
PHP 77.4%
ASP.NET 7.5%
Ruby 5.6%
Java 4.5%
Scala 2.7%
JavaScript 2.2%
Static files 1.8%
Python 1.4%
ColdFusion 0.3%
Perl 0.1%
Erlang 0.1%

Whenever you hear someone telling you “PHP is dead”, ignore them and look at the data.

CMS marketshare in 2022

The most used CMS in 2022 is WordPress.

Demand for content management systems (CMS) is exploding. Businesses always need to reach new customers through SEO, and a good CMS is mandatory for that. This trend will likely never fade.

I’m not surprised that WordPress is so popular. It’s an always-evolving CMS, there are plenty of great WordPress hosts (such as Kinsta) and it has a lot of excellent themes and plugins to help you reach your goals.

Also, if you ever want to switch away from WordPress, most alternatives offer tools to import every post you already wrote. That means WordPress is a safe choice to begin with.

CMS Market share in October 2022
WordPress 64.3%
Shopify 6.1%
Wix 3.4%
Squarespace 2.9%
Joomla 2.4%
Drupal 1.8%
Adobe Systems 1.6%
Google Systems 1.3%
Bitrix 1.1%
Webflow 0.9%
PrestaShop 0.8%
OpenCart 0.8%

Most used WordPress version in 2022

The most used WordPress version in 2022 is version 6.

Version 6 of WordPress is a significant update that includes a new default theme and a new block-based editor. This new editor is a major change to how WordPress works and allows for more flexibility and creativity when creating new content.

This alone probably drives people to update to the latest major version and, therefore, the latest PHP version.

WordPress Version Usage in October 2022
6 57.7%
5 35.4%
4 6.5%
3 0.4%
2 <0.1%

Most used PHP version in 2022

The most used PHP version in 2022 is PHP 7.

WordPress requires at least PHP 7.4 to be installed. Imagine how PHP 8 usage will skyrocket once WordPress increments its minimum requirements.

It’s also funny to see some ancient websites still up and running thanks to PHP 4. 😅

PHP Version Usage in October 2022
7 71.1%
5 23.0%
8 5.7%
4 0.2%

The most popular PHP framework in 2022 is Laravel.

In my opinion, Laravel is the best PHP framework. I started using it since 2015, and it changed my life. Its pragmatic way of doing things makes it attractive to new developers. And for more experienced people, Laravel offers advanced concepts to help you build complex features at scale.

Laravel VS Symfony on Packagist

The most popular PHP framework on Packagist in 2022 is Laravel.

Package Downloads in October 2022
laravel/framework > 220,500,800
symfony/symfony > 31,000,000

Laravel VS Symfony on GitHub

The most popular PHP framework on GitHub in 2022 is Laravel.

Repository Stars in October 2022
laravel/laravel > 71,300
symfony/symfony > 27,600

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