Benjamin Crozat

I'm Benjamin Crozat.

I'm a full stack web developer.

Screenshot of a web browser showing Laravel's welcome page. Screenshot of Visual Studio Code showing basic Laravel project structure. Background sitting bellow the windows.

I'm working with the best web framework available: Laravel. It enables developers to quickly progress towards a goal all my clients have: to deploy to production and make money.

I build next generation web applications

Users love fast web applications. Their experience should be flawless, which leads to even more success for you. I'm using Vue.js and Nuxt.js to help me with that.

Screenshot from GitHub Actions.

I ensure stability through automated testing

For a project to be viable in the long run, developers have to write automated tests. Here's why:

  • They prevent things to break after deploying new code;
  • They help new hires to be productive right away;
  • If you ever heard about the "Agile" process, that's the only way to reach that goal.

Infinite scalability with Amazon Web Services

When done right, a project can really benefit from running on Amazon Web Services. You could handle way more traffic, have less maintenance and enjoying slimmer bills.

Contact me

Interested in working with me or just want to say "hello"? Go ahead!