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5 tips to shoot clean images from an airplane

The main problem when shooting from an airplane is the disgusting windows. They’re damaged and dirty as hell! But you can manage to shoot through it if one condition is checked: the sun must not be in front of you. That way, every scratch and other dirty things that could ruin your image won’t be visible.

Here are the 5 tips

  1. Set your ISO to the minimum (e.g: 160 if you’re using an X-T30);
  2. Use a medium sized focal length to avoid including the edges of the window (or just zoom if you can);
  3. Open your aperture to let all the light hit your sensor (the goal here is to keep the ISO value to the minimum);
  4. Switch to auto shutter speed;
  5. Enable the stabilization of your lens and / or camera.

Here what were my settings to shoot the photo above:

Focal Length Aperture Shutter Speed ISO
45mm ƒ/4 (as wide as I could at 45mm) automatic 200


Next time, if you know that you’ll be flying during a sunrise or a sunset, keep your camera with you! Who knows what you could shoot? The only downside is that your neighbor might find you extremely annoying. But hey, at least you’re not a crying baby.

(If you’re lucky enough to have an electronic shutter in your camera, enable it. Your camera will then be completely quiet.)

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